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And, since you’re just getting started, here’s a couple of ‘to do’ items to put on your list!

  1. Check out the ‘Listings’ page. If you find yours there, but don’t have access to it, send a quick email to josh@downtownminot and we’ll make sure you get connected to it. And so you know, we put a lot of information in already to create content to develop the site around.
  2. If you don’t see a ‘Listing’ for your business, hit up the ‘Listings’ tab just above to create yours. And don’t worry, we’ll help polish it up if needed.
  3. Learn about ‘Publishing’ here. A big part of the how this website was designed is about making important content about what our members doing easy to find and easy to read for the curious and quality-information-starved public. So, we’re inviting you to help and that starts with learning!
  4. Complete our 2021 Business Infomation Survey Right Here. Having some basic information about your business is a huge help when it comes to telling the downtown story!
  5. Check out the Go Downtown Gift Card and get signed up!

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This is a quick set of recent downtown news — both public and member-only. You can always find the full set of infinitely scrollable news on the website’s main menu for ‘Downtown News’.


Your listing is your headquarters for your front-facing, general public content on the DBPA website. We’ve created a platform for you to share your business details and created publishing opportunities for several content types. Your ‘Listing’ is your home base for all of this activity. You can either manage or create your ‘Listing’ below.


We’ve collected your ten most recently published items here for quick review. If you’d like to see your complete list of published items, check this page.


We NEED to be able to talk to you via email efficiently. To do that, we want to get you into our automated system. When we publish here on our website, our email manager will send you a quick email notification that there’s new news. Then, you follow the link and learn what you need to know. No more searching for emails, it will all be right here on our website!

  • Use the email address at which you'd like to receive information regarding downtown news and your membership.

Work through Board of Director and Membership meetings is how the DBPA conducts and authorizes much of its business. The Board meetings monthly; the membership is invited to gather quarterly. There are no set locations or times for meetings as they adjust in an attempt to best accommodate members.