The First Wine Walk Announcement and Call to Action!

It’s back and it’s going to be sweeter than ever! But not necessarily the wine 🙂 We’re adding a chocolate theme. There’s lots more to come, but for now, here are the quick details.

It’s going to be June 9th, 2022. It will coincide with the summer kick-off of Arts in the City and Thursday’s Downtown.

Consider this the initial call for Wine Walk Stops, Caterers, Musicians, Artists, and other participants.

It’s going to once again be focused on Main Street. This is where we can locate the event without having to ask participants to walk too far. Here are the quick details, but don’t wait. Time is of the essence and those participating will be those who respond first.

  1. Wine Walk Stop? If you’d like your business to be a stop, check this our right now.
  2. Caterer? Interested in developing a Chocolate-Inspired hors d’oeuvres? Learn more right here.
  3. Other Interest? Sponsorships, partnerships, musicians, artists? Check out this page.