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About our Member Advertising (And How to Make it Go Away)

A big part of what we endeavor to do is help our members make some noise about the great things they do. Classically, it’s probably fair to think of this as advertising. But have you noticed that advertising on the Internet has gotten kind of creepy? We’re hoping to change that a little, or at least in this one spot where we have control.

We have two ad blocks incorporated throughout the downtown website, they are in the fixed footer position on every page of our website. And on news posts like this one, our ads come after the main content.

Here’s the thing, we know advertising can be a bit obtrusive. So we’ve set out to create an ad service that celebrates and shares our members (they’re all local, right-here-in-Minot businesses that have chosen to invest in the success of our place!). But also, we’ve set this up so it’s easy to make the ads get out of the way.

In each ad-block, look for the big ‘X’ in the upper left corner. Give it a click or a touch, and just like that, you’ll get your whole screen back.

And don’t hesitate to give a touch or a click to the logos you see. Behind each of them, there’s a link to more information about our members!