In Town!

Let’s Welcome our Class B Basketball Fans! (And others in town this weekend)

There’s nothing quite like the Magic of the ‘B’. And even better when it’s in the Magic City!

It’s pretty typical for Minot to get at least one of the big Basketball tournaments each year, but that doesn’t mean it will be that way forever… i.e., we shouldn’t take these events for granted. So, here’s your reminder that it’s the conversations our guests carry back home that plant the seed for their next getaway in Minot.

An extra smile, a hearty welcome, knowing a little about them before they get here… it’s the little things that will add to their experience. With that, here’s who’s in town this weekend, and a primer on the Class B is linked below.

  • Class B Boys Basketball — It’s probably the premier high school athletic event in North Dakota. The small towns always turn out for their teams!
  • National Archery in the Schools Program (Friday/Saturday)
  • State Winter Cheerleading Competition (Saturday)
  • Magic City Spring Shootout Basketball Tournament (Saturday/Sunday)

And here’s your Class B Preview!