About Minot’s DBPA

Minot’s Downtown Business & Professional Association (we call ourselves the DBPA or sometimes just ‘Downtown Minot’) is a 501 C (6) member-supported business association. We’ve been around a long time, and what makes us unique is that our mission isn’t member-focused, it’s Minot-focused. Our members support us because we support Minot, and what’s good for Minot and downtown is good for our members.

In essence, we’re here to support the downtown district that holds both the heart and history of the Magic City. Spelled out specifically, this is our mission: “The Minot DBPA is organized for the purpose of advocating for and supporting Minot’s central business district as the region’s center of commerce, culture, and civics.”

That’s a big broad mission, no doubt. In day-to-day practice, it boils down to making noise about downtown in lots of different ways. From our only-in-Minot, unique businesses to the many events hosted downtown to the intangible, quality-of-life factors that so naturally give rise to ‘community’, downtown Minot truly matters more. We’ve made it our mission to make sure everyone knows it and understands why!