Graffiti & Broken Windows

Both are a blight. And it is posited by some that they’re breeders. In other words, when you get broken windows and graffiti, you’re likely to get more broken windows and graffiti. It’s an actual social science theory, you can learn about it here.

These things are going to happen; we cannot eliminate them. As such our goals with regards to both are as follows:

  1. Property Owners & Responsible Parties are quickly made aware of the issues when they appear.
  2. We have policy and practices at the City-level that incentivize a quick mitigation.
  3. When possible, vandals are identified and appropriate action is taken.
  4. Property owners have access to and information regarding best mitigation practices, products, and local firms.

Status & Next Steps
We are currently addressing these issues on an ad-hoc basis when they appear by notifying property owners and the City’s code enforcement professionals. Weaknesses in the City’s current regulatory policies have been identified regarding both broken windows and graffiti. We’ve asked the City’s Community Development Department to evaluate ordinance changes that deliver an expedited timeline to addressing these forms of blight when they appear, and we’re currently developing a list of resources and local businesses that specialize in mitigation efforts.

And on a point of pride that deserves notice!
We have an anonymous good samaritan in the downtown community who takes it upon himself to address graffiti by adding street art over the top or by repainting and blending back to the original building. If you see this individual at work, say thanks!