1st Avenue North & Area Redevelopment

This part of downtown represents an enormous opportunity to demonstrate government responsiveness to an obvious and long-identified need. This is the road that runs from 3rd Street to the Amtrak passenger depot, and though it’s not currently a City maintained street, it has long been used by cars traveling East and West. If viewed as an opportunity, it holds potential for the addition of an entire neighborhood!

Critical Associated Issues

  • Roads & Right of Way. While not technically a ‘City’ street, this road has been used as a road for as long as anyone can remember. As such, we believe it should be accepted by the City, improved and maintained as a road. Further, there are parcels along this road that do not receive snow removal and street care and cleaning that are standard among almost all other parcels in the City.
  • Redevelopment Opportunity. If considered through the lens of what it could become, this area of downtown represents the chance to add a whole new neighborhood. Additionally, several buildings along this cooridor are in a blighted or underutilized state. This is a clear example of a circumstance where public infrastructure investement will spark private investment; owners of impacted properties have said so publicly on many occassions.

Current Status

The effort to improve 1st Avenue North is closely tied to Minot’s flood protection project. Much of this area will be touched or impacted by the project in some form; this area of the project is currently in the early phase of engineering and design. The DBPA is working to ensure those plans consider all the costs and opportunities associated with 1st Ave North redevelopment.

Of Critical Importance

Perhaps most timely and important is the acquisition method for properties acquired for flood protection. For purpose of future opportunities, it’s critical that no federal or state dollars be used in these acquisitions. The use of these partner dollars forever encumbers those properties and prevents common-sense reuse.

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