2022 DBPA Goals & Values

The DBPA Bylaws call for the board to review the organizational goals and values on an annual basis through the passage of a resolution. Below is the 2021 Goals and Values resolution passed by the DBPA Board on May 5, 2021.

DBPA BYLAWS, ARTICLE II, Section 2. Organizational Goals & Values

For purposes of regularly considering and keeping the organizational goals and values present in the actions and work of the organization, the DBPA Board of Directors shall annually consider or affirm the organizational goals and values through resolution.

2021 DBPA Goals & Values Resolution

Now therefore, be it resolved that for the 2022 year, Minot’s Downtown Business & Professional Association shall conduct its business with special attention to these 2organizational goals and values: 

  • Lead with Gratitude. On an ongoing basis, the DBPA will act and speak from a perspective of gratitude.
  • Continued Progress & Organizational Stability. We will keep going what has already begun.
  • Work Together to Champion Downtown Minot as a center of shared community and daily source of qualities essential to lives well-lived.
  • It’s Time to Take Off!
    • Let the Doing Begin! It’s time to see tangible results and impacts of our work!
      • Holiday Wow! We need a decoration upgrade! 
      • One Big Event! To really get people excited (and raise some money)!
    • From the Roof Tops! Tell the downtown story and what we bring to Minot!
    • A Place of Our Own! It’s the next step to organizational stability! 
  • Membership Development & Financial Independence. We’ve started to prove ourselves, now it’s time to ask others to join our effort.
  • Beyond Main Street. We’ve got a strong presence in downtown’s core, but it’s time to make our mission visible throughout downtown.
  • Shared Work & Leadership Development. It’s time to grow our capacity and fill our pipeline with future organizational and community leaders. 
  • Gather Up the Data! So we can begin to truly understand what’s happening and what our impacts are!

Be it further resolved that when in doubt, in conflict, and on an ongoing basis, the DBPA will: 

  • Strive for a professional, efficient, always-improving organizational culture.
  • Be transparent in intention and action.
  • Value competition, fairness, and entrepreneurialism.
  • Focus on a people-centric, complete environment diverse in thought, color, creed, size, age, and ability.
  • Work collaboratively and in partnership with all those focused on the betterment of Minot.
  • Act with respect and discretion in adversity and disagreement.
  • Be stewards of our environment and mindful of our waste and footprint.
  • Work to inspire, create, and celebrate within the downtown district and community.
  • Seek and develop data to measure goals, impacts, and downtown trends. 

In passing this resolution, we invite our members to take up their work and conduct themselves and their businesses in a manner that reflects these goals and values.