Trees, Tree Wells, & Boulevards

In a well-kept and well-designed environment, it’s the things we don’t notice that are remarkable. The little details fit so perfectly that they’re hard to see for what they are – individually designed or acted on items. And when these small details become visible to us, it’s often because they’re in need of improvement.

Such is the case with Minot’s downtown trees, tree wells, and boulevards. We have identified and are working on needed improvements. They include:

  • Standardized Tree Species. Do we plant for shade? For speed of growth? Currently we have a random selection of tree species with a hard-to-identify planting strategy. We’re working to standardize our planting and species approach.
  • Rocks in Tree Wells. Downtown’s tree wells contain a rocky mix. Arborists assure us this is a healthy soil structure for developing roots, but rocks are also a hazard for windows and sidewalks. Alternative solutions or practices are being explored.
  • Weeds in Tree Wells. This is a property maintenance issue that stems of a lack-of-understanding regarding boulevard care responsiblities. We’re developing information sheets for property owners and business owners regarding responsibities and resources.

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