Principles of Success & Redevelopment

In the coming future, opportunities for wholesale redevelopment of large land tracts in the downtown district are likely. Trinity’s move to their new campus, potentially vacated land created by flood protection, and the emerging legal clarity for upward development on top of the City-owned parking garages are a few examples.

As these opportunities emerge, they will be heavily influenced by public decisions and likely aided by public resources and dollars. While the potential to improve Minot through these projects is high, it is not the only possible outcome. As an example that might deliver mixed or limited benefits, there is also the possibility of these development opportunities becoming unacknowledged, publicly subsidized competition for existing and new private-sector investment in Minot. That doesn’t always lead to growth in prosperity, but simply a transfer from one to another.

To that end, it is both timely and appropriate for the DBPA to weigh in and shape the conversation about how to best capture these emerging opportunities so they return the most to both the downtown environment, the Minot community, and the region. As such, the following Principles of Redevelopment are being offered for discussion and decision by the DBPA Board and the downtown community.

Potential Principles for Publicly-Influenced Redevelopment

  • For People. Focus Development on Pedestrian & People-Centric Features over Auto-Centric Features
  • Competitive. Strive for Competitively and Market-Based Outcomes & Practices (Make Opportunities Open & Competitive)
  • For All. Create Opportunities for As Many as Possible (Make Space for the Smallest Businesses & Developers)
  • Reusable. Aim for Multipurpose & Easily Repurposed Development. Not all development types are infinitely adaptable.
  • Unrestricted. Keep it Unencumbered (acquire without restrictive Federal covenants)
  • Earning Revenue! Aim for taxable develpments with the Fewest Incentives Possible to Advance Desired Outcomes (Keep it or get it on the rolls).

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