Downtown Flood Protection

Flood protection for the downtown corridor is in the early stages of design and engineering. It’s a critical project for downtown and Minot. Easily a third of what we define as downtown was impacted or had property damage in 2011, so we’re supportive of the work and recognize the need. That said, this is also a once in a hundred years (or longer) project and opportunity, so it’s important we get it right. To do so, we need to make sure we’re considering all the costs, consequences, and also opportunities the project could create as well is listening to all those impacted.

Project Status
On January 3, the DBPA presented at City Council on several issues associated with flood protection including:

  1. Potential Property Acquistions at the North of end of Main Street. The DBPA requested alternative designs be further explored.
  2. Potential Property Acquisitions along a 1st Ave NE corridor. The DBPA offered that for to keep future uses available, the properties — if acquired — should be acquired with local dollars to remove cost-share associated encumberances.
  3. Anne Street Bridge. The DBPA advocated refurbishing or replacing the bridge as it provides a vital connection point to the community and will be the primary access point from downtown to likely-acquired land North of the BNSF Railroad tracks.

Current Design Documents

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