Ben’s Tavern Area Redevelopment

The land acquired by the City for flood protection near the former Ben’s Tavern is an ideal location for an in-town campground.

Current Circumstances & Opportunity

  • The area is approximately 37 Acres.
  • The location adjacent to downtown, Roosevelt Park Zoo, and ~3/4 mile to the ND State Fair grounds makes it ideally situated for travelers to Minot’s events and attractions.
  • The Roughrider Campground, the area’s only urban-adjacent campground, is ~5 miles to Minot’s central business district.
  • Redevelopment efficiencies could be realized with strategic reuse of existing City infrastructure and utilities.
  • Commerative area and naming would honor the area’s former uses.

Comparing East Grand Forks & the Minnesota Red River State Recreation Area

Following the 1997 flood in East Grand Forks, a similarly vulnerable area was bought out and later converted to a State Park. The venture has been enormously successful as it regularly draws more than 20,000 overnight stays and more than 100,000 visitors into the Grand Forks/East Grand Forks downtown commerce districts.

  • Approximately 110 Drive-Through and Walk-In RV and Campsites.
  • ~43 Acres of greenway-adjacent land.
  • Directly adjacent to East Grand Forks Central Business District and across the river from Downtown Grand Forks.
  • The park is revenue positive, i.e. besides covid-impacted 2020, the Park has typically had revenue above expenses.*
  • The park has economic impact generating as many as 27,184 overnight stays in 2018 and 123,740 visitors in 2016.*

*Information was provided RRSRA Park Manager Catherine Johnson and can be viewed here.

Strategic Partners Required

If this outcome is to be realized, we’re going to have to work with partners to get it done!

  • Minot Park District
  • City of Minot

DBPA Position: Currently, the DBPA Board has not taken a formal position on this issue, but we’re all in listening mode. If you think this makes sense, tell someone who’s on a board!