2021 Summer Wine, Beer, and Food Walk Member Participation RSVP

The DBPA will hold one, possibly two wine walks in early June. This document was developed to give you an idea of how the event will operate so you can make a decision regarding your participation. PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN SOME WAY!

The Event:
An evening shopping in downtown Minot with hors d’oeuvres and drinks provided by only-in-Minot restaurants, wineries, and breweries.

The Dates:

Thursday, June 3 | 5:00-8:00 p.m.

Thursday, June 10 | 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.  ( Depending on merchant participation interest )

Both dates are in conjunction with Thursday night events taking place in collaboration with Arts in the City (MACA), Creative Night Out, and kids activities developed by The Putt District. 

The Goals:

  • A relaxed, NO-RUSH responsible shopping experience at 9-12 downtown stops that exposes attendees to much of what downtown has to offer and focuses on attendee experience. 
  • A unique, Minot-centric food and drink experience to accompany the shopping and experiences
  • Generate operating and staffing revenue for the DBPA.
  • Customer capture and retention for all participating merchants, food and beverage providers, and the DBPA.
  • A event management model that frees merchants, sponsors, and restaurateurs to do what they do best!

The Principles (How We’re Putting it Together)

  • Inclusive – If a merchant wants to participate, we will find a way to get them involved.
  • Local-1st – Our dollars go further when they stay downtown and stay in Minot. 
  • Responsible & Respectful – Alcohol-influenced events require extra care and attention.

How It’s Imagined to Work (This is subject to change )

  • 8-12 Stops Per Night – Creates Relaxed, Less Crowded, No-Rush Experience
  • Food & Drink pairing at each stop (managed by food & beverage operators)
  • Event App –  for Ticketing, Attendee Management, Tracking, Lead & List Development

Event Funding & Ticketing
We’re hoping to make this an exclusively DBPA and sponsor-funded event, but many aspects are still in play so some elements may change as development proceeds. We expect ticket prices to fall in the $40-$50 range and be capped at 300-400 attendees (depending on one or two nights).

Right Now — Tell us if You’re Interested!

If you’d like to be in. Tell us. If you’re out tell us. If you’re not sure, tell us. We need to know ASAP to take the planning to the next steps.

Wine, Food, Beer Walk Merchant & Sponsor Participation Form

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